Financial Advice

Financial Planning is the process of meeting life goals through the proper management of finances and risk. These goals may include buying a home, saving for your children’s education, managing debt or planning for retirement.

Clark Pacific provides an holistic approach to financial planning.  Our aim is to enhance the lifestyle of our clients through the provision of smart financial advice that allows them to achieve their financial goals and lifestyle goals.

Whether you are a baby boomer wondering how you are going to finance your retirement or a wealth accumulator looking forward to accelerating your wealth, Clark Pacific can build and implement a tailored strategy to help enhance your financial position and take the stress out of managing your finances.

We use extensive research prior to making our recommendations. Our focus is on making recommendations that are in your best interests.

No smoke, no mirrors;  just real life planning and advice.

Our Process

Goal Setting

We believe clients must set goals. Our role is to provide a guiding process that helps define, quantify and prioritise these goals. In order to achieve a successful outcome we must own the goals and together commit to the strategy required to achieve them.









Required Financial Outcomes

Through goal setting, Clark Pacific will work with you in developing a plan designed to meet your required financial outcomes. Your plan will be built through a variety of strategies that encompass the areas shown in the diagram to the right.



Clark Pacific’s Investment Philosophy

Clark Pacific commits the achievement of your lifestyle goals to a disciplined, well-managed investment process. Underpinned by the concept of diversification, our investment philosophy is based in the engaging of investment specialists to manage your portfolio.

This approach delivers diversification across assets, fund managers and securities. At the same time, it continually works toward the required portfolio outcome to match your lifestyle needs.

Understanding Series

For detailed information about the different aspects of Financial Planning please read any of our Understanding Series of documents that may be of interest to you. (Please click the HERE)